The Atlant International Youth Handball Tournament is a sport forum that gathers young boys and girls from all over Europe and Asia

Handball Tournament ATLANT’2018 in Primorsko

Dear friends of handball, welcome to the website of the Atlant’2018 International Handball Tournament (July 08-12)! Crystal seawater, long beaches, sunny days, and unforgettable matches in one of the most perspective youth tournaments in Bulgaria: this is Atlant, a cross-point of handball talents from all over Europe and Asia. For 4 years this big sport forum has gathered hundreds of young people in the town of Primorsko giving them the chance to gain experience and to select and make good international contacts. From Macedonia to Russia the friends of the Atlant Tournament are getting more and more, expanding the horizon for the youth handball in Eastern Europe.

If fighting for medals runs in your blood and sunny beaches lay in your heart, you can become part of the big family of Primorsko Sports Tournaments!
The Atlant International Youth Handball Tournament is a  sport forum that gathers young boys and girls from all over Europe and Asia. The first tournament was held in 2013 in the sunny town of Primorsko. Since then the Atlant Tournament has established itself as a prespective annual arena for young handball talents. The multicultural environment and the wide spectrum of teams are a perfect precondition for selection, exchange of experience and improvement of sporting skills. The spare time between the matches may be used both for hard training and relaxation on the beach or for trips. Informal contacts and good connections made between coaches and players from all over the world helps the Atlant Tournament surpass its standard role of a sport forum; the Tournament has already become a symbol of friendship and high sport spirit. The perfect combination of seaside relaxation and good sports facilities is the reason why we organize training camps for most of the teams at a time other than within the tournament days.

How to start preparing for your participation in the Tournament?

The preparation for your participation starts with the registration of the team online or offline by sending a completed application form to email: The application form must contain a full list of your delegation: players, managers, coaches, parents and fans. You will receive a registration confirmation after you pay a registration fee of EUR 150 per team. You can find all deadlines which must be kept for your successful participation in the Tournament here.

What are the visa procedures (if we come from a country which needs a visa issued)?

The Organizational Committee of the Atlant Tournament provides assistance in the issuance of free-of-charge visas for the teams from such countries that Bulgaria has signed a cultural, sport and scientific exchange agreement with: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. If you are not from such a country, please contact the Organizational Committee for further information. After receiving your participation application form, the Committee will prepare all necessary documents and give instructions to your arriving delegation for the successful obtaining of the visas. You can find the addresses of all diplomatic representative offices of Republic of Bulgaria on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’website. There is detailed information about the people traveling from Russia in the CULTURAL, SPORT AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES OR TRAINING. Section 8 and 9 do not apply to the people traveling for the Atlant Tournament.

How to organize the transport to Primorsko?

The transport to the tournament place, the town of Primorsko, is paid by the participants. The Organizational Committee can offer you a transfer of your group from any point in Bulgaria to Primorsko. You can find the prices of the main transfers from Sofia, Varna, Burgas (including Istanbul) here. Our employees can give you information about the main air, railway and marine lines to Bulgaria and help you choose the optimal route for you.

What hotel will we be accommodated in?

The participants in the Atlant Tournament will be mainly accommodated in small private hotels in the Primorsko’s center, close to the beach and the sports hall. The number of beds in the hotels varies from 25 to 90. The accommodation will be in rooms of two, three or four beds, in studios, or apartments, all with air-conditioning and TV. Depending on the number of your delegation and vacant rooms available, the Organizational Committee will choose the hotel for your group. The name of the hotel will be communicated to you two weeks before the arrival of your group. We are ready to meet your higher accommodation requirements by offering you 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. For further information about prices and conditions, please contact the Organizational Committee.

Food Information?

The package price for the participation in the Tournament includes full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The groups will eat in the hotel restaurant (if there isn’t any, in a neighboring restaurant not more than 50 meters away). The food will be either on a block table or served in portions for the smaller players. The menu includes dishes from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Mineral water will not be given for free. It can be ordered in exchange for payment.

Can we organize a training camp?

Yes, we will be pleased to organize training camps for you at a time other than within the tournament days depending on the period preferred by you and the availability of vacant sports facilities. For more information, please contact the Organizational Committee.